BeltTEC Gurtsysteme

The trips starts when you get on the car and ends when you get off.

For over 20 years, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing belt systems with the highest level of safety. As an owner-managed, medium-sized company
with lean structures we react very flexibly to your requirements. Personal responsibility and a certain degree of freedom of choice for our employees are the basis for our customers' high level of satisfaction. Nevertheless, we are very mindful of our standards and, of course, the specifications to which we must also adhere. The continuous training of our junior staff, long-term thinking and an average age of under 40 make us a dynamic and future-oriented company.
Our belt systems are sophisticated products for use as wheelchair restraint systems and in the automotive sector. Our products such as
lap, static, shoulder or electric belts run reliably and safely to the satisfaction of our customers - worldwide.

What makes our belt systems stand out?

  • The flexible fitting connection ensures tensioning for anchor rails mounted transversely as well as in the direction of travel
  • The strap loop on the fitting allows easy handling when attaching and detaching and also increases its lifespan
  • The handy three-star grip on the tensioning retractor allows you to achieve a high tensioning force
  • The tension retractor is very robust thanks to its aluminum housing and has a high reeling capacity (comfort version)
  • The large retraction length of the tensioning retractor ensures that almost any wheelchair can be secured
  • For optimum safety of the wheelchair occupant, the system can be equipped with a static 2-point lap belt and 3-point automatic safety belt or 4-point harness belt